Located in Melbourne's inner eastern suburb of Hawthorn, our mission is to solve your chronic and complex pain, so that you have the capacity and knowledge to start your wellness journey. 

Our Services

Hawthorn Alive Physio and Wellness
Hawthorn Yoga Alive Physio and Wellness
Hawthorn Meditation Alive Physio & Wellness
Hawthorn Kinesiology Alive Physio & Wellness

"To us wellness is so much more than simply not being sick or injured. It is about getting a balance between physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health, which means that one can’t be separated from the other"

Our Values


We communicate respectfully, understand your symptoms and look deeper into their causes in order to find a true solution.


We share our professional experience and expertise using an evidence-based approach.


We create a treatment plan that gives you the tools to manage your physical condition for long-lasting change.

Our amazing team

Nad Perera Hawthorn Alive Physio & Wellness staff profile

Nad - Physiotherapist
Clinical director


Shilani - Meditation teacher
Practice manager

Barbara-Hawthorn Alive Physio and Wellness

Barbara - Yoga teacher

Manju Hawthorn Alive Physio and Wellness-217x300

Manju - Kinesiologist