A Tale of Two Feet – Lessons from Reflexology by Mafalda Bojanic

Your feet say a lot about you. The state of your feet reflect the state of your life. Yes, feet do tell a tale, not only on the physical level but also on the mental and emotional levels.

Reflexologists have developed a way of scanning your feet through touch and sight, not just through the reflex points worked on, but also through studying the features of your feet. What we feel in our bodies gets transmitted into our organs, glands, muscles and bones, mainly through the nervous system.

On a physical level, our feet bear the brunt of everyday life. Feet provide a steady base for our bodies. They act as shock absorbers as we walk, run and jump. They also act as levers as they propel us in the direction we are going.

But could it be that we are walking in one direction while thinking about wanting to move in another direction? Conflicts of this kind can cause emotional torment which affects our body. Bad posture such as hunching, an over-cluttered mind that does not allow us to have a peaceful night’s sleep and a debilitating emotional rollercoaster ride all result in depleted energy and a lack of joy in life. All of these factors can lead to ill health and depression.

The physical, mental and emotional states are all intertwined. One does not exist without the other. The bodies’ interconnected nature is represented in the feet by its visual and textual patterns in the feet. Past and present health conditions and emotional sufferings are stored in the cells of our bodies. As time goes by, these stored emotions are in need of being released and eventually exhibit themselves by descending from the cells of the body right down to your feet.

So how do we do this? In lots of ways. Firstly, by scanning your feet for an overall impression. Even at a first glance your feet can depict a picture of happiness, sadness or tiredness.

The size and shape of your feet will give further insight into your personality. Large feet illustrate big impressions while small feet may indicate qualities of grace and caution. A broad foot may show open-mindedness while a straight one may depict a habit of setting parameters in most aspects of life.

The colour of the skin is also quite fascinating. Red may indicate anger or frustration while white indicates exhaustion. The temperature of your feet can show intensity of feelings and emotions. Warm feet may indicate a warm energetic personality, whereas cold feet may depict indifference. Characteristics such as squashed toes show a restriction in life or being curbed in some way. Flexible feet show adaptability in life whereas rigid feet show strictness and rigidity.

Feet reading is in no way to be regarded as a diagnostic tool so if you suffer from persistent foot pain of any kind, it is important you seek the advice of a health professional.

About Mafalda Bojanic Massage Therapist at Alive Physio & Wellness

With over 20 years in the massage therapy industry, Mafalda Bojanic’s journey began with Reflexology, sparking a passion for various touch therapies. Tailoring treatments to individual needs, she combines modalities, with a focus on addressing female health holistically, including psychological, spiritual, and emotional aspects alongside physical issues like post-cancer trauma and reproductive health.

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