Nad Perera your Camberwell Physio: Conditions we treat

Chronic and complex pain

Nad can treat your chronic and complex conditions and encourage your body back to optimal health. If you’ve suffered a fall or are recovering from an accident, Nad can assist you to get back to doing the things you love. He has experience treating patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, peripheral neuropathy and breathing issues.

Neuro-musculoskeletal treatment

Long-term injuries are so frustrating. Imagine getting back to health because you’ve finally found a solution that works. We believe this can be possible. Explore a range of treatment options for back and neck pain, sprains, strains and tears and other sporting or work-related injuries. Nad can create an effective plan for your frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), sciatica, hip and pelvic pain, bursitis or plantar fasciitis. If you are suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, coccydynia (coccyx pain), thoracic outlet syndrome or degenerative disc disease, Nad can help.

Camberwell physio for pre and post surgery rehabilitation

To prepare your body for surgery and to help repair it afterwards, physiotherapy can help maximise the journey to recovery. Free and easy movement of your joints, nerves, muscles, bones and fascia contributes to greater health outcomes. Get your bones and muscles strong and heal from both minor and major surgery with a physio designed treatment plan.

Digestive pain disorders

Digestive pain can be very intrusive to your day-to-day enjoyment of life. Are you afraid of eating the foods you enjoy because of the digestive repercussions? Let’s find a path to healing. Heartburn, reflux and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can have an enormous impact on your lifestyle. Using an array of techniques, Nad is an expert Camberwell physio here to help you find relief.

TMJ, headaches, migraine and concussion

Do you suffer clicks in your jaw, headaches or migraines? Perhaps you feel tightness or aching in your face or forehead? Are you unintentionally grinding your teeth, causing a stiff jaw and headache? With careful manipulation and movement techniques, Nad can treat a number of these common yet complex complaints. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) and similar conditions are debilitating, but we’ve seen first-hand how effective treatment can transform lives.

Posture disorders

Sitting at a desk for 40 hours (or more) every week can contribute to poor posture which causes pain. If you suffer from a posture disorder, like scoliosis, the effects can be even worse. Work with Camberwell physio Nad to find an effective treatment plan that looks at the foundation of your movement and posture. Nad works to minimise issues that lead to long-term structural problems.

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