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Here are some common frequently asked questions

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Treatment helps all patients of all ages to relieve pain from musculoskeletal, ligamentous, neurological or other soft tissue origins.
The aim is to restore movement and normal body function following an illness or injury.

An initial appointment is 45 minutes long and a subsequent appointment is 45 minutes long.

We feel that this time is necessary to accurately assess, treat and educate you about your injury and recovery.

If you have multiple injuries to be assessed or have a complicated injury history then a longer session (60mins) may be required (this can be discussed with your therapist).

Any relevant information about your condition will help the physiotherapist make an informed assessment, so if possible please have x-rays and notes on hand.

As part of our assessment and treatment we often need to see the injured area in question.

Shorts for lower limb and pelvic injuries, and singlets for shoulder and neck problems are recommended.

If unsure please wear loose fitting clothes, not jeans.

For orthotic assessments you will need your main activity shoes ie. runners, work, golf.

The number of treatments required for an injury will differ greatly from patient to patient. Certain people require only two or three treatments while others need a more intensive and supervised program over a period of months.

There are multiple factors that can influence your recovery. Our aim is to not only supply you with the treatment but also the tools to help you self-manage to make an optimal recovery. Your physiotherapist will address these in the Recommended Action Plan that you receive after the initial appointment.

We work in partnership with you to ensure your recovery is optimal and to minimise the chances of any relapse.

Therefore, you will be given lots of things to think about and exercises to do during the week.

What you do between treatments is just as important as your treatment.

Unfortunately do NOT accept TAC, Worksafe and DVA referrals.

We do treat NDIS clients, please call the clinic for further information

No, you do not need a referral from a doctor to see a physio.

Yes you can get Medicare rebate for physiotherapy. However, the following steps must be taken:

  • Step 1-  You will need to have what is deemed a chronic musculoskeletal condition. A chronic condition is generally considered a problem or condition that you have had for longer than 6 months, or is likely to last more than 6 months. Speak to your GP first.
  • Step 2-  Your GP needs to ‘approve’ you to be having had this chronic condition, and will then complete the necessary paperwork to place you on the Chronic Disease Management Plan.
  • Step 3-  You attend for physiotherapy consultations at one of our clinics and once you have paid your invoice in full, we can claim the rebate on the spot for you, right here in the clinic, saving you from attending a Medicare office.

You are entitled to 5x ‘Allied Health’ consultations per calendar year if your GP has ruled that you have a chronic condition.

This could be used for 5x physiotherapy visits, or 3x physiotherapy and 2x podiatry visits in the calendar year.

These 5 visits restart each calendar year, though you will need a new referral from your GP every 12 months.

We are a service provider and as such, our fees are based on the level of experience/qualifications and the time we spend to achieve the best outcome for you.

Therefore please refer to each individual therapist’s page for the fee schedule.

Payment is required on the day of service.

Payment can be made with debit card, cash or credit card (Visa & Mastercard). We have HICAPS facilities where you can claim your private insurance rebate on the spot.

We require notification of cancellation 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee will be incurred. Your appointment times are reserved exclusive for you. If you can’t make it someone else may.

We appreciate you giving us 24 hours’ notice if you are cancelling your appointment. 50% of the consultation fee will be charged for appointments cancelled where less than 24 hours’ notice is given.

If you still can't find the answer to what you're looking for, just call us.