Fascial Counterstrain Therapy

Fascial Counterstrain is the original work of Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI. Brian is the mastermind behind the advancement of this technique taking the world by storm. Brian Tuckey's contributions have been invaluable, significantly enhancing the world of healthcare with his expertise and dedication. He dedicates his life to sharing his work with medical practioners worldwide. Click the image to read Brian's published article.

In the world of osteopathic medicine, there are techniques that stand out as transformative approaches to healing. One such technique, Counterstrain, emerged in the 1950s thanks to the pioneering work of Lawrence Jones DO. This groundbreaking method utilizes diagnostic tender points to identify painful, reflexively protected, and contracted tissues within the body.

Understanding Reflex Tissue Contractions

Reflex tissue contractions are a common response in our bodies when faced with various mechanical or chemical insults. These contractions can manifest in deep fascia layers, skeletal muscle tissues, and smooth muscle structures. Factors triggering such reflexes are diverse and include trauma, surgery, postural strain, repetitive motion, infectious or viral conditions, and even inflammatory dietary choices. When these reflex muscular dysfunctions take hold, they can lead to a host of distressing symptoms.

The Evolution: Fascial Counterstrain (FCS)

Building upon the foundation laid by Lawrence Jones, Brian Tuckey developed Fascial Counterstrain (FCS). This evolved and updated form of “Jones Counterstrain” boasts a remarkable capability: the identification and correction of dysfunction across all systems within the body. These systems encompass the visceral, vascular, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems. The introduction of FCS has significantly expanded the range of treatments offered within the Counterstrain curriculum, surging from approximately 200 to an impressive 1000+.

Nad is passionate about Fascial Counterstrain and he is the only physiotherapist in Victoria that has undergone extensive training in this approach.

Holistic Healing Through Fascial Counterstrain Therapy

What sets Fascial Counterstrain apart is its profound alignment with the core principles of osteopathic medicine. FCS operates on the belief that the body is a complex, interconnected entity, and as such, it addresses the body as a whole. By normalizing muscular tension, enhancing vascular drainage, optimizing blood flow, and improving neural input, FCS unleashes the body’s intrinsic healing abilities. The key to its success lies in the comprehensive approach—multi-system diagnosis and manipulation. This approach allows practitioners to not only alleviate surface symptoms but also to uncover and rectify the root causes of chronic health conditions.

Counterstrain As Featured in Life Force by Anthony Robbins

In this newest release by Tony Robbins, a renowned author on the NYTimes bestseller list, readers are introduced to techniques, therapies, and procedures that have contributed to maintaining Tony’s and numerous elite athletes’ peak health and strength. Chapter 11 delves into pioneering developments in pain treatment, where Tony highlights the significant role Counterstrain has played in his own life and for countless satisfied clients worldwide. Tony emphasizes that Counterstrain ranks among his top three methods for alleviating pain and enhancing performance, becoming an indispensable tool for sustaining his overall well-being and energy.

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Fascial Counterstrain Therapy at Alive Physio & Wellness Hawthorn

Nad Perera is excited to offer Fascial Counterstrain to the Hawthorn community and make a difference in people lives.

Adding to the depth and expertise of Fascial Counterstrain is Nad Perera, a registered physiotherapist and dedicated practitioner who has received specialized training in this transformative technique. Nad Perera brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care and attention when seeking relief through Fascial Counterstrain.

Counterstrain and its evolved counterpart, Fascial Counterstrain (FCS), represent significant milestones in the realm of osteopathic medicine. These techniques delve deep into the body’s intricate systems, unlocking its innate capacity for self-healing. By addressing the body as a unified whole and correcting dysfunction at its source, FCS empowers both patients and practitioners on the path to improved health and well-being. With the expertise of practitioners like Nad Perera, the journey toward holistic wellness begins here, with the powerful tools of Counterstrain and Fascial Counterstrain leading the way.