Nadeesha (Nad) Perera

Physiotherapist/Clinical Director

My passion for the human body and movement started long before high school. I remember at the age of 8 watching an educational program on TV and fascinated by this prominent Doctor talking about the human body. Although I didn’t really understand much of what he was talking about, the visual animation and models he used to describe the body and its functions left a lasting impression on me. What I observed in that program was the function of each and every body part and the relationship to one another.

I always loved the complexity of the human body and the interconnectedness of each system in the body. I wanted to become a neurosurgeon when I was in high school, with the mindset of being specific and precise and being able to make critical decisions for the patient. However, I then had the opportunity to do work experience at a physiotherapy clinic in Canberra and observed the transformation that the physiotherapist could see then and there.

I completed my Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at La Trobe university in 2004. My career as a physiotherapist started in the public hospital system, and then moved to private practice. I also worked at the Royal Military College (Duntroon) before opening my own practice in 2007.

Beyond my postgraduate training as a physiotherapist, I have studied and trained in visceral manipulation through the Barral Institute. I have a particular interest in the fascial-connective tissue system and have done training in Facial Counterstrain technique through The Jones Institute.

I combine a variety of hands-on treatments that work synergistically, especially paying attention to all the moving parts of the body and how they interact with each other. This enables me to view the body holistically. I look at the problem that brings you to my practice and see the interconnections of the tissues involved and the relationship to your whole body. I keep in mind that all layers and systems of the body have movement and that they should move in harmony to function well.

Your body is intelligent and has a great capacity to adapt. However, there are times when we run out of adaptability. This is where I help with treatment tailored to your needs and based on a thorough evaluation of where your body is having the most difficulty adapting. Your story is valuable and must be heard. My Success has been due to the following process I use at Alive Physio & Wellness:


Your situation and your goals are individual. In the first appointment, I take the time to listen and understand what problems that are needed to be addressed. This allows me to get a sense of how I might be able to help.


I look at your posture and movement to get a sense of how your body organises itself, and in which area/s you are having the most difficulty.


I feel for connective tissue and fluid tensions in your body to understand your patterns of restriction. The area of greatest difficulty may be in the area that bothers you most, but it may be elsewhere. In addition, I use the Fascial Cranial scan to locate the source of the problem.


I choose treatments based on what I feel during the assessment. The treatments are specific and very gentle as they match the tensions that are in your tissues as opposed to forcing or frightening the tension in the tissues which sometimes can create more tension. 


I look at your movement again through the Fascial Cranial scan. This allows me to see what has changed and where there is room for improvement. 


I will show you ways to take care of yourself and support improvement made during treatment. I try to keep advice fairly simple and functional so it is easy for you to use on a daily basis.

Who I Work with

My passion is to help anyone who wants to be able to move better and feel more comfortable in their body regardless of your age, lifestyle, occupation, sports you play or hobbies you have. I can work with you if:

  • You feel your posture, strength or flexibility have room for improvement
  • You believe your recovery from injury or surgery could be better than it has been, or
  • You have nagging aches and pains that impact your quality of life.

What can I help with?

  • Pain: Acute or chronic pain, injury or overuse, knots and stiffness in any area of the musculoskeletal system such as back or neck pain, disc injuries, arthritis (any joint), shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot and other joint problems, Plantar fasciitis. 
  • Posture and Alignment: Issues such as kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, over-pronation, patellar maltracking
  • Headaches, migraines and TMJ problems
  • Nerve Pain: Including sciatica and neuralgia, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet, piriformis & T4 syndromes, Bell’s Palsy, tennis and golfer’s elbow, nerve entrapments
  • Women and Men’s Health: Pain and disorder of SIJ, pubic symphysis, pelvic floor and pelvic health problems, menstrual pain/cramps, coccydynia.
  • Scar tissue: Scar tissue and adhesions from past infection, inflammation, injury or surgery
  • Some of the complex and multifaceted diseases and disorders include:
  • Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia 
  • Dysautonomia
  • Head injury, traumatic brain injury, Post concussion syndrome
  • Functional digestive difficulty IBS, digestive disorder 
  • Stress and anxiety PTSD (which can express itself in the body) 
  • Lyme Disease/Tick-borne Illness
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (associated pain)
  • Mixed Motor Disorder/Dystonia


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (La Trobe University)
  • Certificate of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (Curtin University)
  • Graduate Certificate of Manipulative Manual Therapy (Canberra)
  • Certificate of Nutrition for Physical Therapy (Florida American Physical Therapy Association)

Nad's professional association registration ensures high-standard care

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