Sally Marsland

Yoga Teacher

Born in 1969 my childhood included a lot of physical activity (incl. skiing, orienteering) and creativity (drawing and making, dancing at home – as long as no one else was there). After studying at RMIT(1991-1996) and the Munich Academy of Art (1998-2000), for two decades I was a self-employed jeweller and craftsperson.

In my 20s my first yoga teacher was also an Alexander Technique practitioner and later in Germany I learned from an Israeli Vinyasa Yoga teacher with a background in dance. I loved the uniqueness of their respective teaching styles and I knew early on that I wanted to one day teach too. When I discovered Iyengar Yoga I knew I had found the right path for me. As a jeweller I’ve always loved the creativity and exploration that opens up alongside the structure of the techniques and processes involved with making things – and the depth of this interplay between intuition and rigour is part of what underpins the Iyengar method. 

My Approach

Whether one’s motivation to do yoga is for physical exercise or stress relief, to develop one’s awareness and consciousness , and/or a longing for a deeper connection within and beyond oneself – Iyengar Yoga is a ‘whole’ practice and it meets us wherever we are; or wherever we ‘think’ we are.

Although it comes as no surprise that we are each a sum of our unique parts, experiences and ancestors, we are not always aware of how the patterns we repeat (physically, psychologically, emotionally…) continue to shape us both literally and metaphorically throughout our lives. Some patterns (postural/mental/emotional…) become so entrenched that we ‘forget’ or even deny other options are available. 

Through the practice of asana (yoga poses) we systematically learn to pay attention and connect to where we really are, right now. In developing this awareness it becomes easier to see what it is possible and to strengthen the inner pathways that help us ‘remember’ how to find vitality and ease.

In Iyengar Yoga we allow whatever time in an asana is necessary to develop the energetic pathways which support health, strength and vitality. Alignment is essential to give space and access for the breath and consciousness to connect and flow through otherwise restricted areas; the intelligent use of props is of great assistance with this. It is a privilege to observe how everyone can experience the benefits of yoga.

Whilst learning Iyengar Yoga is systematic and thorough, it is never dry or repetitious. The asanas are variously energising, grounding, fun, challenging, soothing and deeply restful.

In parallel to my Iyengar Yoga training, I bring my experiences and love of studying Somatic Movement Education through Body-Mind Centering®, as pioneered by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the 1970s. The three word title of one of her books, Sensing, Feeling and Action, encompasses her approach. Now in her early 80s, Bonnie is still deepening her exploration into movement and consciousness: from the cellular to the whole person; in relation to oneself, the environment and others. 

BMC® principles can be facilitated and explored through movement, touch, voice, drawing, the study of anatomy and embryology and more. Both playful and profound, it can be applied to any discipline; from yoga and dance to somatic psychotherapy and occupational therapy, working with babies or the elderly, with pets and through the development of AI.

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  • Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher 
  • Certified Yogaha Teacher 
  • Certificate in Somatic Movement Education, SEA Australasia, Body-Mind Centering® (Graduating March 2024)
  • Munich Academy of Art, Department of Jewellery and Hollowware (1998-2000)
  • Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), Gold and Silversmithing, RMIT (1991-1996)

The Iyengar Teacher Training and Certification process includes a minimum of 3-5 years study and includes ongoing professional development

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Our Classes

  • 75 minutes
  • Mon 6-7:15pm ( April 15th – June 24th )
  • Mon 7:30-8:45pm ( April 15th – June 24th )
  • Sat 10:30-11:45am ( April 20th – June 22nd)

    Term 2 enrollment  ($270 – 10 weeks)
    Casual attendance ($30)
    Private group/individual classes also available