Why Gut Health Matters?

Gut health is a hot topic these days, with more and more research showing that our gut health impacts so much more than simply our digestive system. The gut is now being implicated in a host of different conditions, including joint pain, brain fog, insomnia and depression.

Gut health is so important that some medical professionals believe our overall health is rooted in a healthy gut. In other words. If your gut isn’t healthy, you won’t be healthy. What we put into our bodies, whether it’s the food we eat, the medications we take, or the beverages we drink, all affect the way we feel and the way we think. It might sound a bit extreme, but it’s true. 

In addition to the obvious digestive connection, gut health is linked to many different aspects of overall health, including mood, brain function, and immunity. The bacteria that live within the body, mostly in the gut are actually responsible for keeping people healthy. It might seem strange to think of bacteria living in our bodies and actually wanting them to be there for the purpose of good health, but these bacteria are vital. These organisms help the body digest food and help maintain a healthy immune system.

Here is a great episode of Feel better, Live more podcast by Dr Rangan Chatterjee that discusses why digestive health is so important to overall health, the ways in which the gut is linked to seemingly unrelated systems, and how you can support a healthier gut. It gives you a detailed overview on the science of gut health as well as practical steps you can take to improve it.  He discusses how the health of our guts is closely related to our physical health, our mental health, our immune systems and can impact how we respond to stress. He delves into what we should eat to improve our gut health and how restricting when we eat can also play a significant role as well. He talks about the role probiotics may play in improving our response to stressful events as well as their potential role in improving a variety of different health conditions. You will also hear advice for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and discuss the low FODMAP diet and so much more. Enjoy!

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