Iyengar Yoga

BKS Iyengar passionately developed and shared his method of teaching for over 75 of his 94 years, and is widely credited for making yoga accessible in the West. Iyengar Yoga is immensely practical and renowned for the quality of instruction, focus on alignment and intelligent use of props (which BKS Iyengar pioneered) to help access and develop strength, ease and vitality. 

Asanas (yoga poses) in a class are sequenced to align, engage and enliven and the whole body in an energetically sound way. Each class finishes with the integrating and restful Savasana.

Yoga is for everyone. Unless otherwise indicated, our classes are suitable for students both new to yoga and those returning after a break and/or seeking a refresh in the practice and alignment. 

Term enrolment is encouraged and our class sizes are small, enabling students to both develop together and at their own pace. Asanas (poses) can easily be adapted to meet each individual within the context of the group. 

Casual attendance welcome, please contact Sally or reception to book.

The Iyengar Teacher Training and Certification process includes a minimum 3-5 years study and includes ongoing professional development

Class Information


Duration: 75 minutes

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to transition, set up and relax; advise the teacher if you have to leave early or exactly on time.

Dress comfortably in clothes that respond easily to movement and enable the teacher to observe alignment (eg shorts or leggings) 

Be well hydrated and avoid eating before class. A small snack is okay but leave 2-3 hours space after eating a large meal … digestion is an essential, but different kind of activity!

Thoroughly fill out a new student form (sent via email after booking) and update the teacher before class whenever there is anything new they should be aware of in terms of your health.

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Our Classes

  • 75 minutes
  • Mon 6-7:15pm ( April 15th – June 24th )
  • Mon 7:30-8:45pm ( April 15th – June 24th )
  • Sat 10:30-11:45am ( April 20th – June 22nd)

    Term 2 enrollment  ($270 – 10 weeks)
    Casual attendance ($30)
    Private group/individual classes also available